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Welcome to the place, where the ancient times and the modern world meet in the magic called Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in the world, with very rich history dating back to the 7 th century, keeping in its sacred lands artifacts and archeological excavations from million years ago.

Bulgaria is a safe and peaceful country, where for centuries people from different ethnic and religious groups live together in peace and harmony. In the capital city Sofia, in a close vicinity you may find a synagogue, a church and a mosque, forming the so called “triangle of peace”

Bulgaria hides a variety of floral and fauna treasures and great biodiversity which is largely due to the temperate climate with four seasons.

In Bulgaria you may find fresh air, eco and bio food products, clean and high quality tap water, as well as many spring and mineral water resources.

Bulgaria offers a variety of all types of tourism. Very few countries can offer more than 30 types of tourism and travel during all four seasons of the year.


The idea “Bulgaria is magic” was born in early 2013. It was developed by a group of young Bulgarians, who were led by the idea of preserving, representing and popularizing Bulgarian roots, culture and breathtaking nature. They started sharing this information in social media, first by creating the IG profile bulgariatrips and later on using other creative and modern methods, such as videos, blogs and short articles.



High-class travel experience

The portal BGisMagic offers its clients private and crosschecked high quality service. Our aim is to guarantee a pleasant stay, comfortable transport and magical time spent in Bulgaria. 


We are representing a high-class individual trips by using interactive and modern digital technologies to show you the most of what you can experience by choosing us. 


Bulgaria Trips is the first registered company for kosher and halal tourism, which offers shared trips to Bulgaria specifically for tourists who still do not have much information about this magical Balkan place. The website Bulgaria Trips has created individual travel packages. Some of them are especially developed for guests from the Gulf countries, others for tourists from Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea. 


Together with our partners such as transport agencies, hotels, resorts, food, farm and the wine industries, we have developed tours, rich in history, activities, fun and knowledge. We believe that this will make Bulgaria even more popular and a preferred tourist destination during all four seasons for more than 28 countries.


Bulgaria is magic presents, supports and accompanies initiatives, creativity, personal appearances of young, patriotic and modern-minded Bulgarians from all walks of life in the world and in our country. Here, unfamiliar Bulgarian talents get their first appearance through interviews and videos, and the wide presentation on several continents of the platform will provide them with a large audience.

The Bulgaria is magic portal recommends, presents and stands behind the ecological and organic origins, which is widely publicized and advertised in ecotours, ecotransport, ecological food and beverages from all regions of the country. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to access these places and activities typical for the country, thanks to our organized special tours, which you can find on the site “Bulgaria Trips”. We offer a diverse range of transportation – from luxury and new vans to the most up-to-date mode of transport – with electric cars – because we care about the cleanliness and protection of our nature.


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